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No Credit History Required
Flexible Repayment Terms
No Business Plan Required
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Business Line of Credit
Business Line of Credit
  1. Interest as low as 4.8%
  2. Revolving line of credit up to $200K
  3. Get approved in 24 hours
  4. Funds whenever you need
  5. Pay only for what you use
  6. No maintenance fees
  7. No unused credit fees
  8. No prepayment penalties
Merchant Cash Advance
Merchant Cash Advance
  1. Get $5,000 to $250,000
  2. Get up to 250% of your monthly credit card sales volume
  3. Same day approval and funds
  4. Flexible repayments
  5. Bad credit is never a problem
  6. Little to no paperwork required
  7. Easy and fast application
  8. No collateral required
  9. No business plan required
Invoice Factoring
Invoice Factoring
  1. Turn invoices into cash
  2. Credit lines from $20,000 to $5M
  3. Cash in as fast as 1 day
  4. No paperwork
  5. No termination fees
  6. No reserves, no minimums
  7. Fund only the invoices you want
  8. Rebates distributed same day
  9. Use as long as you like
Small Business Loans
Small Business Loans
  1. Interest rates from 7 to 25%
  2. Get up to $250,000
  3. Get approved in 24 hours
  4. Cash provided in just days
  5. All credit considered
  6. Easy and fast application
  7. No collateral required
  8. No business plan required
Equipment Financing
Equipment Financing
  1. Interest rates from 8 to 20%
  2. Get up to $250,000 today
  3. Up to 100% of equipment value
  4. 24 to 72 month terms
  5. All credit considered
  6. Easy and fast application
  7. No collateral required
  8. Little to no paperwork required
SBA Bridge Loan
SBA Bridge Loan
  1. Interest starting as 6.5%
  2. Get $5,000 to $5M
  3. 5 - 25 years terns
  4. Protect your cash flow
  5. Speedy process
  6. Easy to manage
  7. Fair financing and repayment terms
  8. Easy and fast application

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Get Approved* means you meet the basic criteria for a Business Loan, Merchant Cash Advance, or Hard Money Loan with our trusted lenders. The answers to your questions with the pre-approval process must be verified by the documents we request such as bank statements, merchant statements or verbal verifications. For the actual approval to be issued a long with the terms of the loan. Funding time for certain programs also depends on the merchant cooperating and sending the proper documents in to our trusted lenders to close the loan. In most cases the merchant will be responsible for how fast the business loan closes and how fast their business checking account is funded. ZapRates reserves the right to change or modify their pre-approval criteria for all loan programs at any time along with any other data or information listed on this site and some exceptions could be possible. Please contact us for complete program details and see our terms and conditions for more information.